Brochures are the lifeblood of traditional advertising. Brochures are compact capsules of information which help potential customers understand the product/services in a easy manner.
Brochures are mainly used by – Educational institutes, Corporates, Real estate builders, Retailers (product showcase) etc. Brochures carry the brand name and information of the client. They need to be designed after careful evaluation and detailing. A Brochure must cover the 5Ws and 1H regarding the offering namely – Where is the product/service available?, Why should I buy it?, When will I be able to avail this offer?, Who is the maker of this product/service?, How is it useful for me as a consumer? Our team efficiently tackles all these questions and delivers a “complete” brochure with no unanswered questions. As an ad agency in Pune, our team specialises in creating high quality brochures in different sizes and colour schemes. We design them using the latest softwares and our high-grade digital printers ensure a seamless delivery to our clients!